Treasure Adventure World gets big new demo

Treasure Adventure World

A million years ago, when the world of indie gaming was around the size of a puddle, Robert Ellis made an unassuming platformer called Treasure Adventure Game: a huge, free Metroidvania with a piratical theme, and a heart the size of a small planet. As you know, Bob, Ellis is currently remaking it as Treasure Adventure World, working with a new artist to give it a lovely new visual style, while bolstering the core game with extra stuff in the process. The potential '2013' release date mentioned in the above article obviously didn't pan out, but progress is still being made, as you can see from the big new demo, found here.

The demo contains "four overworld islands to explore, caves, temples, hidden secrets, side quests and a major boss fight", and I had a pretty nice time when I played it earlier today. I'm hoping the full game won't be too much longer now, but if this development roadmap is up to date, it sounds like there's still a fair way to go yet.

The following trailer is nearly two years old, but offers a good look at the game:

Tom Sykes

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