Transistor and soundtrack now available for pre-order

“From the makers of Bastion ” is pretty much all I need to know before I buy Transistor , Supergiant Games' sophomore effort. The sci-fi themed role-playing game is coming out May 20, and starting today you can pre-order it from Steam or Supergiants' website . Even better, we now know that the game's promising soundtrack will drop on the same day. Drop, because that's what I'm told albums do.

Transistor's protagonist, Red, is a singer who comes across a powerful, sentient sword. Supergiant leaned into the singer part and created a bunch of original music for the game—more than 60 minutes, to be exact. If you've played Bastion or watched the trailer for Transistor, you'll know why we're excited about it:

The album is by Supergiant's Audio director Darren Korb and the vocals you hear are courtesy of Ashley Barrett. If you buy it digitally, you'll get it in MP3 and FLAC formats. If you buy it from Supergiants' website, you'll also get a physical compact disc, which has been “fully remastered” and comes with an all-new bonus track in addition to the existing 22 tracks.

The game alone will cost you $20, while the game and soundtrack will cost $30.