'Trans Witches Are Witches' game bundles raise over $79,000 in protest of Hogwarts Legacy

A student witch holds a crystal ball and looks to the sky
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While gamers are fighting over whether or not it's OK to play Hogwarts Legacy, a group of LGBTQ+ indie designers have pooled their efforts and put together a bundle of 69 games (nice) that you can buy to, as the tagline puts it, "Reject Hogwarts Legacy's bigotry and support indie devs". 

The Trans Witches Are Witches bundle, which costs $60, has raised more than $70,000 at the time of writing, while a smaller, sister bundle, the Apprentice Edition, goes for $10 and has raised more then $9,900.

The paired bundles have been organized and curated by Kritiqal, a games criticism outlet focused on politics, art, and culture. The main bundle includes videogames, tabletop games, music, assets, and zines with magical themes that would cost more than $300 if bought individually. Proceeds from these bundles are split evenly by the creators.

The videogames include a Steam key for competitive two-player bullet hell Crystal Control 2 as well as direct access via itch.io to games like You Are a Wizard (a Commodore 64-style platformer with a riddle fox who tries to make you care about riddles), Polymute (a puzzle game where you change form), Jill O Lantern: First Slice (a cross between Ace Attorney and a slasher movie), and Tomorrow for Mar (a 2.5D visual novel about trying to pass your Upcycling Potions final to graduate magic university).

On the physical games side, you'll find academic anime-inspired RPG Cantrip, postcard game Witch You Were Here, "there's a wizard school but it's in the USA and also you're the teachers" RPG Pigsmoke, "this pumpkin spice latte is my spell focus actually" RPG Basic Witches, and Muscle Wizard Gets the Job Done!, which is based on one-page crime bear RPG Honey Heist only it's about a Muscle Wizard deciding whether to solve problems with muscles or magic. 

As the bundles' FAQ points out, it isn't just J. K. Rowling's opinions on trans people that have made many players decide Hogwarts Legacy is worth avoiding. Senior producer Troy Leavitt was an anti-social justice YouTuber, who resigned after his history of videos criticizing feminism was highlighted. Then there's the whole thing with the house-elves who enjoy being slaves, honestly, what's that all about?

Both bundles are available until February 24.

Jody Macgregor
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