Trailblazers is a co-op racer about painting ever-changing tracks

It's not often that a developer takes the words right out of my mouth, but developer Supergonk did just that when they, too, called Trailblazers "F-Zero meets Splatoon." It's a co-op racer where each team competes to paint the track with their color in order to gain a speed advantage—you move faster while driving in your color—and it's got delightfully over-the-top rocket cars. 

Trailblazers supports 3v3 online multiplayer and four-player local split-screen multiplayer, though you can also play by yourself in singleplayer challenges. Of course, its painting mechanic is more exciting in multiplayer where you can blaze a trail for your teammates to ride like a slipstream. You can also "capture key areas to dynamically change the racing line," presumably to skew the course in your color's favor. 

"Some drivers are paint-focused, whilst others are boost-focused," Trailblazers' official site reads, encouraging diverse team composition. There's also another interesting implication of the paint system: having one teammate sabotage the enemy's paint by deliberately keeping pace with them. Playing support in a racer: who would've thought?

Trailblazers will release this spring. Try not to confuse it with Trailmakers, a Steam Early Access sandbox racer about building wonky vehicles to tackle terrain challenges. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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