Toxikk’s impressive arsenal of vehicles showcased in new dev diary

Toxikk is the 90’s-inspired arena shooter that “plays as if today's military shooters never existed,” so says its Steam page blurb. It launched last week after slight delay—with free-to-play and paid versions—and its developer, Reakktor Studios, has now released a making of-style video that explores the intricacies of the game’s modes of transport.    

“To us, no arena FPS is really complete without the fun they add to the mix,” explains game director Martin Schwiezer in the video short below. “While the small to mid-sized maps in Toxikk feature classic on-foot gameplay, most larger environments sport our fully-fledged arsenal of vehicles.” 

From formidable Demon Battle Mechs used to flatten enemies; to spawnable hover bikes that help cover long distances, each vehicle serves a specific purpose. 

Besides drawing from Reakktor’s own ideas, Schwiezer quotes Quake Wars and Unreal Tournament 2004 as sources of inspiration in crafting said vehicles—partly down to their well-executed designs, but also as a result of fond memories shared by the team. Vehicular warfare isn’t necessarily a requirement of the arena shooter genre, however the above outlines how much thought and planning has went into building Toxikk’s lineup.   

“We probably spent around a year designing, building and balancing the vehicles and it will surely make us proud if you have as much fun playing around with them as we had creating these badass machines,” adds Schwiezer.

Toxikk is out now on Steam and costs £10.99/$14.99. It also has a free version that “does not have any competitive disadvantages versus the full game and is not some micro-transaction fueled F2P crap, but simply a classic shareware version/demo of the full game.”