Totally Rated: Samsung's latest 4K TV, brain-boggling puzzler Maquette, and a very high-end drone

Our friends at fellow Future Publishing sites Tom's Guide, TechRadar, and T3 return with the latest in tech and gaming reviews in handy video form. In this episode of Totally Rated, Tom's Guide and T3 both score the new drone from DJI quite highly, noting it can hit 80mph and take photos from hundreds of feet in the air—though at $1,300 it's a big investment.

"Yes, the DJI FPV is not cheap and, yes, you will probably crash it," says T3's Derek Adams, "but we can think of no better way for financially flush goggle-wearing wannabe pilots to indulge in the art of freeform flying and high-speed hijinks."

We'll probably stick to Microsoft Flight Simulator, thanks. In the world of gaming, TechRadar thought highly of Maquette, a recursive puzzler we gave a score of 73 to, though they did note the framerate can take a hit at times.

Finally, TechRadar and T3 covered Samsung's new 4K TV with its "mini-LED" backlight. Spoiler: They were impressed.

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