Totally Game: This pair of Apex Legends streamers promote gaming as a couple

This week's episode of Totally Game, Future's documentary series, meets Andrew and Judy Kristensen, the couple behind the Twitch channel HisandHersLive. The duo have been playing together since 2019 and use their streams to encourage more couples team up in the likes of Apex Legends. 

"We enjoy streaming together so much that that's what we talk about when we wake up in the morning," says Andrew, "and it's what we talk about when we go to sleep at night—we live and breathe it."

Though they've been together for 13 years, Judy only got interested in gaming in 2019, when she got into Apex Legends. "When we first started dating, Andrew would play hours upon hours of World of Warcraft," she says. "We had so much in common except for gaming." 

Now they stream 250 hours a month on Twitch and have 38,000 followers. "I did not know what Twitch was. I did not know we were live streaming it. Andrew streamed me learning how to play games and here we are two years later and I'm very competitive."

As well as encouraging couples to play together, the pair have also set up a tournament to get more women into Apex Legends' competitive scene. The Juka Bowl, which has given away $45,000 in prize money so far, only lets teams participate if there's at least one woman competing. 

"I hope that we can continue to motivate other couples to do this together and inspire them," says Judy. "We have had quite a few other couples say that they started streaming because of us and that's the most rewarding compliment to get."

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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