Totally Game: Meet the cosplayer who built the ultimate Final Fantasy 7 buster sword

Welcome to the latest episode of Totally Game, Future's series throwing a spotlight on remarkable gamers. This week an artist crafts one of the coolest weapons in PC gaming.

"I really like the idea of bridging the gap between reality and fantasy," says Siwen. She takes her cosplay seriously. A project can take weeks to complete, but the results speak for themselves.

Siwen shows us how she made Cloud Strife's iconic buster sword from Final Fantasy 7. It's constructed from sintra plastic and and PVC pipes—thankfully not as heavy as the solid iron version in the game. Building a sturdy enough framework to support the sword's bulk was still a challenge.

Everything comes together with the addition of battle damage, dust, rust, sponged-on grey paint to bring the finished piece remarkably close to the source material Siwen used as reference.

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