Total War: Arena outlines future plans following recent Wargaming partnership

After dropping its first trailer back in May 2015, things went pretty quiet on the Total War: Arena front in the months that followed. That is, until November last year when Creative Assembly's free-to-play multiplayer-focused strategy game announced a new publishing deal with Wargaming. It's now launched its first developer diary since resetting last year, which explores where the game is at currently and what we can expect moving forward. 

In the following five and a half minute-long video, the first half discusses CA and Wargaming's partnership and why this is important for the game into the future. The details of this are interesting enough, however the discussion around the game's tangible features is probably more interesting. 

From 2.20 onward, Arena's reworked UI, rewards system, matchmaking, and the ways in which unit types work together and against each other on the battlefield is explore, as well as details on its forthcoming closed alpha and beta stages. 

Over to CA: 

Speaking to the incoming closed alpha, Arena's lead meta game designer Jan van der Crabben says all players who participated in previous closed alphas and beta prior to the reset will be invited to trial the game in its current state. The game's director, Gabor Beressy, on the other hand, suggests new factions, new nations and new technologies are around the corner, and the game's timeline will be brought up to the medieval ages. 

"We need your feedback," Beressy concludes above. "We need you on the battlefield." 

Total War: Arena is without a concrete launch date for now, however more details can be found via the game's official site.