Toripon is a wholesome game about photographing your many bird friends

(Image credit: Victoria Smith)
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Birds are descended from dinosaurs and will almost certainly rule the Earth again one day, but in Toripon (opens in new tab) they are content to just invade one flat. Thankfully, they appear to be pretty decent house guests. There's not much you can do about this takeover, but you can take snaps and use them to increase your social media clout. 

The kaleidoscopic, blocky pixels and first-person perspective made me feel like I'd just scoffed some edibles for lunch, which of course is the perfect mood for taking dumb pictures of goofy birds. Here's one just hanging out in a drawer. Birds don't go there, buddy. 

(Image credit: Victoria Smith)

I found the pair below getting ready to type out their manifesto for the new regime. I don't know what ideologies birds favour, but it will probably be pretty chill. Plentiful snacks, a spacious perch for everyone, good tunes at all hours. 

(Image credit: Victoria Smith)

Some of them wander around a bit, while others have found hiding spots, so you'll need to look carefully if you want to snap them all. Luckily, your social media pals will lap up any old photo, even if you post the same one several times, so no matter what you do, you will still have the adoration of your fellow bird fans. 

(Image credit: Victoria Smith)

I clog up Twitter with labradoodle pics already, so I'm an old hat at this. Your social media followers always have something nice to say, too, and fully support your bird obsession. It's all very affirming—the opposite of actual social media. I feel like I could do anything. But what I will actually do is spend a few more minutes taking bird photos. It's for work. 

Toripon launched on (opens in new tab) last week, so you can name your own price and download it now. If you're especially good with the camera, you might even unlock some ducks. 

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