Torchlight 3's spring update will be the current developer's last

Torchlight 3
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Echtra is wrapping up development on Torchlight 3 with one final update, as the studio moves onto new things under new owner Zynga.

Writing in a "bittersweet" blog post this week, the Torchlight developer wrote that the game's spring update (which adds a cannon-toting Cursed Captain class to the game) would be the studio's last on the game. Echtra was acquired by Zynga back in March, and as part of that, the publisher is keen on getting the developer to move onto different projects.

"This is also a sad message because it marks the end of Echtra Games’ work on Torchlight III. As you may have heard in the news, we were acquired by Zynga back on March 2nd. As a result of this transition, we are moving on to new (and exciting) things, and we will be passing the baton back to our partners at Perfect World."

It's sad news for a studio that was founded expressly to make Torchlight games, cobbling together staff from defunct series creator Runic Games. Torchlight 3 was to be a live service game under the name Torchlight Frontiers, before being reworked into a more traditional action-RPG following early playtests. Zynga expressed a desire to have the team bring its "iconic licenses" to PC following the acquisition.

It's hard to say if this'll be the last-ever Torchlight 3 update—though with the game's launch greeted by an overwhelming shrug, I wouldn't be shocked if Perfect World's updates were restricted to the most basic maintenance. The spring update hopefully leaves the game in a better place, arriving with a laundry-list of balance tweaks, bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. You can read the full notes here.

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