Torchlight 3's new class is a pirate captain ghost

Torchlight 3 cursed captain new class
(Image credit: Echtra, Inc)

Five months after release, Torchlight 3 has a new class on the way, with the Cursed Captain on the way to join the ranks of such hallowed archetypes as steampunk robot, tortured crystal wizard, and train summoner.

The Cursed Captain, announced via a Steam post, brings a real summoner, minion-master, or necromancer archetype to Torchlight 3. Its class weapon, the cannon, keeps it back from the enemy while its crew of undead crewmates, cannoneers, riflemen, and all-important First Mate engage on the front lines. The captain's other specialization is based on cursed magic and explosives, calling in cannonades from their nearby (ghost) flagship. The captain powers their abilities with a currency called Doubloons, which must be plundered from treasure and monsters mid-combat.

The Cursed Captain comes to Torchlight 3 in its spring update, which will also include 40-something new pets, UI revamps, and a slew of decorations for your castle. You'll also be able to reset your game instance.

We enjoyed Torchlight 3's combat enough to note it as a high point in our review, but didn't pronounce it the second coming of isometric action. "If a good, old-fashioned dungeon-crawling power trip is what you're after, Torchlight 3 delivers that sensation in spades," said our reviewer. So that's what's to look forward to if you'd like to be a ghost pirate captain.

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