Tomb Raider trailer puts disaster-prone Lara through her paces. Dog fought, bow fired

[VAMS id="RaC81qQl10fC5"]

"I hate Tombs!" declares accident prone Lara Croft at the end of the new Tomb Raider trailer. Crystal Dynamics are taking a step back in time with their Tomb Raider reboot to a time before Lara had established herself as a calm, somersaulting, tiger-blasting professional adventurer. She's unsure, unsteady, and unable to walk three feet without stepping in a bear trap, falling on a spike, setting off a rock slide, annoying some local cannibals, provoking an angry dog, bringing down an aeroplane. the list goes on. This is a pretty scripted early look, hopefully we'll get to see more island exploration at E3 next week. It's out March 5 next year.

We can already sense a couple of potential E3 2012 trends emerging here. The E3 2012 trend tally currently looks like this: Dogs fought: 1. Bows fired: 1. IT BEGINS.

Tom Senior

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