Titanfall's future game modes will be free, Zampella confirms

With Titanfall now out ( and good ), the Respawn team are working on the next updates for their pilot-'n-robot buddy war game. Some of those updates will form DLC, but not all of the planned future content will be hiding behind a paid mini-pack. Last night, Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella confirmed that future multiplayer modes will be released for free, and not tied up as part of expansions.

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There have been no details on when the first DLC will appear, or what will be in it, but it's nice to know that - whatever maps will require paying for — those not interested in DLC won't be completely abandoned. What isn't clear is how many vanilla maps each upcoming mode will support.

The plan is in contrast to EA's other big shooter series. Battlefield 4 ties new game modes directly to expansion content. The upcoming Naval Strike, for instance, brings a Carrier Assault mode based on Battlefield 2142's Titan. At least, it will when it finally appears on PC.

Phil Savage

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