Titanfall to support 4K displays, TXAA and SLI, Nvidia announce (and then unannounce)

Well, this is strange. Nvidia published a blog post this week, detailing some of the upcoming technological improvements they're hoping to help Respawn bring to Titanfall. It included sexy graphical jargon, like TXAA, 4K and HBAO+, and also some less enticing, more expected terms like SLI-support. They then deleted that post . What that means for these supposedly incoming improvements is unclear, but - as of writing - you can access the ghost of the post through Google's webcache .

Titanfall will be making use of Nvidia's GameWorks suite , a series of technologies designed to help developers implement advanced physics and rendering techniques. You may have already seen GameWorks in action: a part of its package, amazingly called HairWorks , was powering the fur of Call of Duty: Ghosts' dog. The in-game one, not the real life one .

There isn't a single part of those last couple of sentences that I don't love. Thank you, video games.

For Titanfall, there's less hair to be rendered, but it seems we'll (potentially) be seeing the benefits of the suite's other services. TXAA and support for 4K displays would be nice, and hopefully go some way to alleviating the complaints of those disappointed by Titanfall's still rather fetching Source engine visuals.

As for SLI-support, it seems strange that it wasn't in place before the game's release, but hopefully dual-GPU wielding players won't have long to wait.

That the blog post is no longer in place does raise questions as to when - and perhaps even if - these things are still happening. I've contacted Nvidia to find out what's happening.

Phil Savage

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