Titanfall Expedition DLC drops this week

It took me almost 100 hours, but I finally managed to burn myself out on Titanfall . Honestly, I'd probably still be playing it if I didn't completely stall out on of the Gooser Challenge, even after Respawn nerfed the requirements . At this point I need some new walls to run on to entice me to get back into it, and I'm about to get them.

Respawn announced that its first Titanfall DLC pack, Expedition, is releasing tomorrow. Expedition comes with three new maps: War Games , Swamplands , and Runoff , which Respawn has been teasing us with for the past month. Even if you don't buy the DLC, Titanfall will get a huge update that Phil covered earlier this week . Unfortunately for me, it seems like the Gooser Challenge hasn't been changed.

The Expedition DLC pack and the two DLC packs to come will cost $10 each, but you can also purchase the Season Pass for $25 and save a few bucks.