Titanfall 2's Live Fire patch notes revealed

Last month, Titanfall 2 developer Respawn Entertainment laid out a roadmap of what players can expect in terms of free DLC for the first-person shooter. The first piece of content is the Live Fire multiplayer mode, which will be joined by an update that includes bug fixes, balance changes, and improvements. You can check them all out here.

The Live Fire update was announced for release in February, but in Respawn's patch notes post, community manager Jay Frechette could not confirm the release date. He said that the patch still needs to go through certification, but that an announcement will be made when Respawn is "100% confident" in the date.

The update will deliver Live Fire, a six-versus-six mode with rounds that only last a minute. Winning a round requires one team to eliminate the other or be in possession of the flag when time runs out. It comes with two maps that are specifically designed for the mode. Meadow is a lush map filled with grass and rocks, while Stacks dons a more industrial look. Despite the visual differences, both maps are designed to push teams together and force them into confrontations. You can also expect new Faction Leader animations, DLC commander audio, and an execution.

As for changes, the holo pilot decoy is getting a shakeup to make it a more viable Tactical ability. It can now be deployed on ziplines and will be more resilient when deployed in the middle of a wallrun, when stepping over obstacles, and when colliding with walls at specific angles. Additionally, it'll appear in an enemy's threat scope or sonar grenade. 

Some of the titans also see changes, including my favourite robotic war suit Tone. Tone's Salvo Core damage is getting reduced, but its damage falloff will be removed completely. On top of that, the Sonar Pulse's cooldown is getting increased and the projectile size of the 40mm Tracker Cannon is getting decreased. Changes for Northstar, Ronin, Scorch, and Ion are also detailed.

The update also adds some PC-specific features, including adaptive supersampling, model draw distance, "Very High" to the Model Quality tiers, and more. The rest of the additions, improvements, and fixes can be found on the Respawn forum post here.

We'll keep you updated when Respawn announces a release date for Live Fire and its patch.