Titanfall 2's best mode comes to Northstar's fan-run servers

Titanfall 2
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Listen—Titanfall 2: Northstar is phenomenal. A fan-run server browser (opens in new tab) built to revive a game long suffering under bot and DDoS attacks, it's single-handedly responsible for ensuring Titanfall 2 remains not just playable in 2022, but bigger, stranger and more creative than ever. (opens in new tab)

But for all its new modes and modded servers, Northstar's long been missing the beating heart of Titanfall multiplayer. Until this week, it was missing Attrition.

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Attrition, for the unfamiliar, was Titanfall as full-scale war. 16 player team deathmatch where each side was supplemented by squads of AI-controlled soldiers, hackable robot Spectres, and terrying titan-killing Reapers. It was bombastic, chaotic, offering even newer players a chance to contribute by mulching grunts on the side. Unfortunately for Northstar's developers, however, it was also extremely tricky to get running outside of official servers.

This week's 1.7 update sees them finally crack that nut, however, bringing Attrition Beta to Northstar in time for what the community has dubbed "Titanfall day" on May 1st. In the official Discord the developers note that navigation meshes still aren't perfect, there are still a few bugs to iron out, and I've heard it can be taxing on server connections but it exists. It's there. It (mostly) works.

What's more exciting for me, however, is in what opening up AI entities could do for Northstar's thriving mod scene. Northstar already sports mods ranging from the daft (giving pilots titan weapons and vice versa) to fully polished new gamemodes like Fastball (opens in new tab), and now that devs have managed to summon in attrition's AI-powered mooks, I can't wait to see what new and creative modes they pop up in.

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