Titanfall 2 update targets balancing issues

If you've read his review, you'll know that Chris considers Titanfall 2 to be one of 2016's most surprising hits. I'd struggle to argue with that—yet balancing is something some players have taken issue with since the game launched last month. To this end, the latest server-side update focuses on exactly that.

Given its strength in almost all situations, Tone has accrued a solid following however its balancing has now been adjusted. The Titan Legion has also had its balancing tinkered with, but Respawn has been purposefully coy with the specifics on both.  

Speaking on Reddit, Respawn's community manager Jay Frechette explained why this has been the case: "The reason why we are not giving you folks specific details on the balancing is because we want you to just play and feel it out and let us know if it works. Telling you numbers and details could color your expectations before you play and then you're going into the game with a set perception. 

"I've heard of all kinds of ideas of how to balance Legion and Tone for example and if we tweaked something that wasn't what you wanted, you're going in already thinking we did the wrong thing. We want you to go in with open mind and feel it out. You guys know we're all about feel. Let's try this out for now and see how it works."

The patch also added the option to start private matches solo, while it also made changes to how the pilot skill Map Hack functions. Before the update, this feature could be spammed, in turn facilitating constant map scans of enemy locations. Now it simply pulses, making location identification less straightforward. 

Titanfall 2's 11.04.2016 Server Update is now live.