Titanfall 2 free DLC details will be forthcoming, Respawn pledges

In my fairly-insignificant-in-the-wide-scheme-of-things opinion, Titanfall 2 was the best multiplayer shooter of 2016. While the player base can hardly rival the likes of Overwatch, studio Respawn claims in a new community update that it's growing. Oh, and more free DLC is coming.

"Right now we’re focused on the long term future of Titanfall and we’re excited about it," the post reads. "The core Titanfall team is working away on lots of cool stuff, whether that be DLC for Titanfall 2, action blocks and prototypes for future Titanfall projects, or other crazy science experiments. We’re just getting started, and we can’t wait to take you, our Community, along for this ride."

Seems like... exactly what you'd expect a studio to say about their game and community. Except the blogpost also pledges that the studio will improve its communication regarding future DLC updates. "...We could have done a better job at communicating the breadth of stuff we planned to release. This is something that we will get better at and the studio remains committed to supporting Titanfall 2 with free content as well as new Prime Titans, store items, and more."

A full update regarding the March DLC update will be published on March 23. As far as that communication improvement is concerned, the studio plans to start a Q&A video series, developer blogs "and more". 

Shaun Prescott

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