Titanfall 2 DLC 'A Glitch in the Frontier' goes live next week

Respawn has revealed more details about the upcoming Titanfall 2 DLC A Glitch in the Frontier, which will include two new maps, a new faction, tweaks of various sorts, and a new Execution move called "Get to the Point," a name that will seem perfectly appropriate once you've made it to the end of the announcement trailer embedded above. 

The "Glitch" map is a "medium-sized map designed for objective modes," with "vertical drops and long, twisting paths ... perfect for chaining together long wall runs to seamlessly glide across the map." The second map in the pack, "Deck," is a Live Fire map, with confining interiors, wide-open exteriors, and the occasional MRVN—the humanoid robots who appear as unarmed NPCs on some Titanfall maps—showing up here and there. 

Speaking of MRVNs, the DLC will make them a full-on faction in the game: The announcement said nothing about how they'll fit in or what they'll bring to the party ("MRVN faction" is the totality of it), but you can see a brief glimpse of one of them at the beginning of the trailer, and if being a MRVN means you get to wear a giant happy-face on your chest, then you can count me in.   

Other changes in the update include a new look for the main menu, an increase in maximum Pilot Gen to 100 and new Gen icons for callsigns, the ability to choose between Prime and regular executions for Titan, the addition of Live Fire mode to Private Match options, and the "Get to the Point" execution, which I will not spoil—but I can pretty much guarantee that when see it, you'll think, "Oh yeah, that makes sense." 

The Titanfall 2: Glitch in the Frontier DLC will go live on April 25, and will be free for everyone.   

Andy Chalk

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