Titan Souls is free on Steam for a limited time

Titan Souls' mimic
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Maybe you saw the news about Death's Door, one of several games about birds being showcased at E3 this year? It stands out from the flock, being a game about a crow with a sword who harvests the souls of the dead. Death's Door is the work of indie studio Acid Nerve, who previously made top-down boss fight puzzle adventure Titan Souls, and to get everyone excited about the new game, the old one is free for a limited time. 

Titan Souls is a game in which every fight is a boss fight, and you've only got one arrow. Fortunately, that arrow can be re-used, zipping back to your bow after being shot, and every one of its 20 bosses—the Titans of the title—can be killed in a single hit to the right spot. Solving the puzzle of finding and exposing that spot isn't easy, however.

We gave it a score of 87%, and described it like this: "When you land that perfect shot, accentuated by a single cymbal hit, everything freezes. The music stops, the colour fades from the game and you’re left for a few seconds to take in the fact that, against all the odds, you did it. There was nothing cheap, no gaming the system or finding an easy way to do it. You figured out the Titan, usually over a considerable amount of attempts, exposed the weak spot and landed an arrow smack bang in the middle of it. You did it. You’re a bloody hero."

If that sounds like your thing you've got until 10 am PT on Monday, June 14, to grab Titan Souls on Steam.

Jody Macgregor
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