Thrones of Britannia lets you arrange divorce and murder untrustworthy allies

Thrones of Britannia makes significant changes to the Total War formula, said Tom of the war series' first Saga spin-off earlier this year. As showcased in its latest feature spotlight, Thrones also lets you arrange the divorce of an untrustworthy ally before moving in for the kill. My goodness, wartime in 9th century Britain was dark.  

Hosted by Creative Assembly content producer Jordan Wright, the following video, named 'Politics and Intrigue', explores "the dark arts of politics". Accessed via the game's new Intrigue panel, Wright's quest for partisan loyalty takes some questionable turns—by way of bribes, botched assassinations, marriage meddling and more.

"Assuming the role of the English, the Gaels, the Welsh, the Great Viking Army or the Viking Sea-Kings, players of Thrones of Britannia must master the dark arts of politics, employing every method from the arrangement of marriages and the gifting of estates to bribery and—in extreme cases—assassination," says publisher Sega in a statement. "The [above] video delves into some of the machinations which may occur as you maintain rule in the fractured and fragile British Isles." 

For further Thrones of Britannia reading, I recommend Tom's tale of betrayal while clutching on to a collapsing kingdom. Here's a tone-setting extract. Poor guy:  

I am the king of nowhere. My lying bastard nobles have spent years tearing me down with a prolonged campaign of extortion, and now they rebel in unison, turning my provinces to their cause and sending armies to claim my head. All I wanted was to turn the northeast of England into a Viking paradise. I crushed rebels and repelled aggression from the north for them, and now they betray me?

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia is due May 3, 2018.