This week's winners

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Surprise! This week's winners is back! Yes I know we didn't run any competitions last week but we went ahead and found some more for you anyway, but we just love giving away free stuff.

Check inside to see if you won.

Runes of Magic Circus Giveaway

We snuck in a quick competition in one of our and in other PC Gaming news roundups this week, the winner, as we announced yesterday was Delagon , but he hasn't claimed his prize yet. Hurry up lad!

Mythos Competition

This is a competition we ran from before we had a roundup so I thought I'd bring it back and give people a chance to claim their prizes. We had 50 whole Mythos box sets to give away, and the winners were (deep breath): ghostman, sirrojen, AsaTJ, BraXbS, PPriit, phatbadger, Eccles, Korsha, Bananavice, Redeye, Staggy97, DontEatRawHagis, jimangi, Coccyx, Telkir, ChickenMcFail, kyttike, KindredPhantom, Mbaya, Wonko33, Niike, VanDoom, CaptnCrunch, Freddie, Pyntehat, croag821, aodecim, Sinborn, RoaringPanda, hochreite, killorabbit, daicon, Orkgutz, TheSmallAngryGamer, sirrojen, josislo, jonesisgod, Iskhiaro, Artyx80, Nighthorns, Spuppet, Mac, nighta, chains101, rezamalik, shirtwearer, j33hopper and Control (and relax).

If you won a prize, private message me your full name and address on the forum. Do not visitor message, because then everyone can see where you live (yes people have done that).

If you didn't win, unlucky, but we're still giving away loads of previously unclaimed prizes , so why not enter that?