This week's releases


Hello and welcome to our regular round up of this week's newly released games in Europe and North America. It's not just the Steam sale that's going to sap your wallets, feast your eyes on the new games this week.

Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

8th July (EU)

Price: £24.99

Since PC Gamers picked up Street Fighter 4 shortly after the console release, it comes as a surprise that Capcom took nearly a year to give us the 'Super' version. It comes with the rebalanced 'Arcade Mode' re-release however, making it one of the most complete Street Fighter 4 yet. Get it on Gamersgate .

Virtua Tennis 4

8th July (EU)

Price: £19.99

Arriving just after the climax of Wimbledon comes the PC version of the latest entry in Sega's classic tennis series, and anyone interested in tennis games would do well to check it out. Get it on Gamersgate .

A short round up this week, so why not spend your money on older games with the Steam Sale ?

Once again if I've missed anything important, feel free to let me know if the comments below.