This very red 1440p gaming monitor is at an all-time low

Acer monitor on deal background.
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Amazon has a nice deal on an Acer XG 27-inch gaming monitor for $230, the lowest price since its launch. You get AMD FreeSync support, 1ms response time, and a 144HZ refresh rate on an LED panel.

We've noticed over the past year the price of this monitor is dropping at least $20 every other month, with this month being the lowest. It's been at this price for a while, so we think it will stay here for a bit.

All are featured on what Acer calls a "zero frame" design so that you can sit a couple of these side by side for an ultra-widescreen vibe for the working professional. Its 1440p resolution means you can make the most of your newer Nvidia RTX and Radeon RX GPUs because the last thing you want is the old 1080p 60Hz monitor you've had forever bottleneck your gaming performance.  

Acer XG270HU | 1440p |144Hz | 1ms | $369.99 $229.99 at Amazon (save $140)

Acer XG270HU | 1440p |144Hz | 1ms | $369.99 $229.99 at Amazon (save $140)
This Acer XG is a nice little upgrade for your gaming setup. It gives you the speed and resolution you want without costing you an arm and a leg. That's assuming you mind all the red.

We do have to address one thing though. The Acer XG is very red. The base and lower bezel are sporting a hot rod red that most folks can take or leave. I, for one, think it looks kind of neat. However, I can see it being a deal breaker for someone who just wants something a little less loud on their desk. 

This display is a great candidate for anyone looking for a cheap dual-monitor setup. You should note that this monitor does not have any VESA mount support, so you're stuck with that funky red base. 

Jorge Jimenez
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