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This Valheim world generator helps you discover the perfect seed

Valheim character on a boat in a beautiful sunset
(Image credit: Coffee Stain Publishing)

Valheim's world, at least the first time around, is a mystery. An uncharted map full of possibilities and dangers. But if you've been around these parts a few times already and just want to cut to the chase, a new fan-made Valheim map generator will let you map-out your perfect world before ever stepping foot in it.

The simply-named Valheim World Generator, created by wd40bomber7 (spotted by PCGamesN), is a nifty little web tool for scouting out your ideal world before ever firing up Valheim. Enter a new seed (or select a random one), and the site will fire up an overview of the world in its entirety.

A sidebar lets you fiddle with how detailed you want your world to be, letting you toggle between a full terrain, biome-only, and whether you want to see locations for bosses, shipwrecks, traders, tombs and such. Never mind spying out new worlds—if you've got an existing world but want to track down an elusive trader, plug in an existing world seed and get yourself some directions. 

If you're looking for codes to try out in the world generator, we've compiled our own list of some cracking Valheim seeds, as well as tips for moving through the world's biomes and making the most of the in-game map.

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