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This Untitled Goose Game speedrun honks the game to completion in under four minutes

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(Image credit: House House)

Untitled Goose Game, (aka the serious game about a jerk goose who destroys everything, demonstrating that even in quaint villages the human experience is inherently inhospitable) has already attracted the attention of speedrunners. Although the stealth-puzzle game only released late last week, someone has already beaten it in just under four minutes. 

It's the work of Twitch streamer Sejiouf, and the record as it stands currently is 3:46. It's an Any% run, and it utilises a few exploits, namely those that allow the jerk goose to glitch through fences. It's still an impressive achievement, and given how new the game is, it's likely this record will be bettered sooner rather than later. You can check out the run below.

Is the much-hyped goose game any good? Our reviewer Luke Kemp thinks so, writing in his review that it's "hilarious, bursting with charm, and satisfying to play." Chris made some gifs of some of the game's malicious highlights, and it's good entertainment.

Cheers, Polygon.

Shaun Prescott
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