This Toshiba 50" 4K TV is just $280

(Image credit: Amazon)

4K TVs are very gradually coming down in price and this is a great entry level choice if you're looking for 4K on a budget. Amazon Prime day has knocked a third off the original asking price on the 50" Toshiba which comes with Amazon FireTV streaming service included. It has three HDMI ports so you can hook up three PCs if you really want to. It's powered by a quad core CPU, so should be nice and responsive.

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Toshiba 50" 4K TV | Buy for $280 on Amazon (save $100)

Toshiba 50" 4K TV | Buy for $280 on Amazon (save $100)
A big TV at a great price. Embrace the 4K revolution and enjoy the included TV streaming tech.

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