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This gaming chair with lumbar support is on sale for just $140

Staples Emerge Vartan
(Image credit: Staples)

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Everyone needs a good chair. We spend a lot of time parked in front of our monitors, after all. The problem we face is that gaming chairs can be expensive—very expensive, in some cases. That's where the Emerge Vartan Bonded Leather Gaming Chair from Staples comes into play. It's got the high back, the flashy trim, the fancy logo, and it's currently on for just $140—which is $10 less than it was on sale for on Black Friday.

Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday deals

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The Emerge Vartan has all the basics, including adjustable seat height, tilt tension and lock, adjustable arms, and a 135-degree recline, for those times when you want to switch into "relax mode" for awhile. Head and lumbar pillows are included so you get all the support your doctor recommends, and if you're not the sort to follow doctor's orders, they're removable, too. 

Red is the traditional gamer color, but the Vartan is also available in blue, white, and purple variants. It has a chair weight capacity of 300 pounds, and—this is big for me, as someone who's broken several chairs over the years—a seven-year limited warranty.


Emerge Vartan Bonded Leather Gaming Chair | 229.99 $139.99 at Staples
The Emerge Vartan may not be the Cadillac of gaming chairs, but it is a legit place to park your ass for a very agreeable price. It offers red, blue, purple or white accents, 300 pounds of chair weight capacity, tilt tension and lock, and 135-degree recline. There's also a seven-year warranty attached, so you don't have to worry about needing to spring for a replacement anytime soon.

And if that price is still just a little more than you'd really like to spend, you can also opt for the similar, but non-swiveling and slightly-less-flashy Emerge Vortex, which is down from $199 to $109—that's a 45 percent drop. (At the moment, it's out of stock, though.)

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