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This super-realistic Minecraft grass will probably set your PC on fire

The ultra-realistic grass texture pack in Minecraft shown off next to a vanilla stone block.
(Image credit: Mojang / NicoRTX)

If you love cool Minecraft texture packs and also setting your PC on fire, then please bear witness to this mod that turns your flat, blocky grass into a lush field of realistic, ultra-satisfying greenery. Mmm, I can smell the burning already.

This wizardry is the work of NicoRTX, who shared some screenshots of their work to the Minecraft subreddit. It looks pretty damn stunning, further juxtaposed by the still-blocky stone cube that the grass drapes itself around.

You can even give it a whirl for yourself if you fancy stressing out your PC for a hot sec, as NicoRTX has uploaded the texture pack to Planet Minecraft with the apt descriptor "super realistic grass make my PC blow up!"

Ultra realistic grass texture pack in Minecraft next to two vanilla blocks

(Image credit: Mojang / NicoRTX)

"The most satisfying thing Minecraft should add," they continued. " Nico says Optifine isn't required, though if the comments on the pack are anything to go by, you might want to install it anyway. They also say it's "better with shaders," with some even letting the blades sway and wave around in the wind. Nico has been kind enough to provide a version for "low end" PCs, though it seems like it'll still put your hardware through its paces.

I value my graphics card in times like these so I'll be humbly passing on adding this to my Minecraft mods list, but it's still mighty satisfying to look at. It's not the only weirdly realistic textures we've seen coming out of the game either, with our Minecraft aficionado Rachel being a big fan of this near-perfect glass block.

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