This Steam game from Ittle Dew devs Ludosity is free to keep this weekend

(Image credit: Ludosity)

If you're looking for another freebie to bulk out your Steam collection then you can grab and keep a copy of Princess Remedy 2: In A Heap of Trouble, a pixel graphics action game from Ittle Dew devs Ludisoty, for nothing right now.

You play healer Princess Remedy, who must cure those affected by a huge tower that's sprung from the ground, lifting entire towns with it and spreading diseases. You move through a colorful overworld and meet NPCs: to cure them, you must beat a single-screen room full of enemies, where the dodging and blasting isn't a million miles away from The Binding of Isaac. When you cure an NPC, you can date them, and they'll accompany you on your journey and grant you their power (think laser beams and homing bullets).

You can download and keep the game at any time before Tuesday 6pm BST/10am PT: just head over to its Steam page. It's usually $5/£4, and 97% of its 243 user reviews are positive.

Princess Remedy 2 is a prequel to Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt, which has always been free-to-play. If you like the prequel, grab the original here.

Developer Ludosity is known for making small, polished games such as the gorgeous Zelda-like Ittle Dew and Muri, a DOS-style platformer inspired by Duke Nukem.

Samuel Horti

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