This Stalker visual overhaul mod is gorgeous and terrifying

GSC Game World's Stalker: Call of Pripyat, the series' third entry, is again difficult to define. While primarily a first-person shooter, it confidently spreads itself into RPG, immersive sim and survival horror territory—so consuming is its alternate timeline, post-apocalyptic world. With ABR's self-titled visual overhaul mod, the latter genre is brought to the fore with terrifying results. 

If coming face-to-face with an irradiated, grunting Snork mutant wasn't always horrifying, doing so with this mod installed looks positively ghastly. Released earlier this month, here's ABR Mod's launch trailer. Go on, you first. I swear I'm right behind you: 

On its ModDB page, creator ABR pays deference to a host of other projects before stressing ABR Mod is a faithful retelling of Call of Pripyat with modern visuals and patched bugs. In short: don't expect new quests, characters or enemies. 

Do expect lovely weather conditions and the addition of night vision, though. And while Stalker boasts a wide variety of aesthetic-altering mods, ABR is the most sophisticated visual overhaul I've seen yet. 

Here's some in-game footage of the journey between Jupiter and Pripyat:

More information on Stalker: Call of Pripyat's ABR Mod, including installation instructions, can be found via its ModDB page