This slick Lenovo 34 inch WQHD gaming monitor is under AU$500 on Amazon

Lenovo G34W-10
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If you've been in the market for a gaming monitor of late, June has treated you kindly. Various End of Financial Year sales have been flooded with decent displays, but this new Amazon deal is worth a closer look. If you want 34 inches of WQHD goodness, the Lenovo G34W-10 (as always, a very catchy monitor name) is currently on sale for AU$499—a massive AU$200 off the usual AU$699 asking price.

That regular price is pretty decent for what you're getting, but the discount has big "impulse purchase" energy. You're getting a curved ultra wide monitor with a 3440x1440 resolution, and a dependably smooth 144Hz refresh rate. Lenovo advertises its Low Blue Light technology, which should allow you to play for longer without copping any eye strain. It also comes equipped with AMD FreeSync Premium.

It's aesthetically pleasing too, especially if you're not too fond of gamer bells and whistles. With a "NearEdgeless" bezel, the bezel is, well, near edgeless (but not quite, you know, completely edgeless. Cause you need some edge).

Lenovo G34W-10 curved ultrawide gaming monitorAU$699AU$499 on Amazon

Lenovo G34W-10 curved ultrawide gaming monitor | AU$699 AU$499 on Amazon
If you need scale without sacrificing smoothness, this 34 inch WQHD curved gaming monitor is a good buy at this low price. The 3440x1440 display has a 144Hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync Premium, and will remain at this price for ten days, or until stock runs out.

Other features include easy tilt functionality with a 5 to 22 degree range, a quick-release stand, and a 130mm lift range. There's ports for HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4, as well as a 3.5mm audio out (because the best things still have 3.5mm ports).

If you're not after something so big, Lenovo has a bunch of its monitors discounted on Amazon at the moment, including a 27-inch QHD display for AU$449, or a 24.5 inch HD screen for a very cheap AU$229

And yes, the EOFY sales continue apace in Australia: check out the best PC gaming deals to pick up with your return.

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