This PC in a toilet is the good shit

Youtuber Mr. Homeless is the best kind of tinkerer: one with a sense of humour. The man is a talented engineer and also certainly knows his way around a PC, with previous projects including building a gaming PC in a fridge and whacking hundreds of viruses on a laptop just to see what happens.

On the face of it, his latest project looks round the bend. This is a gaming PC constructed within one half of a toilet bowl (thanks, Eurogamer), with the other half of the ceramic case devoted to the actual business of flushing and re-filling with water. High-end PC components and water are not usually the best bedfellows and so they're separated by a screen, which of course has to be perfectly fitted because any leaks when taking a leak would be a disaster.

The goal was to build something that can run Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the toilet: the PC boasts an RTX 3060 and Intel Core i7 12700 CPU, and outputs to a wall-mounted 240Hz monitor. Mr. Homeless even built a little flip-up table for his mouse mat.

The whole build is enjoyable to watch and the best kind of exercise in daft ingenuity. My favourite part is probably when he doesn't test his initial build for leaks and, when the cistern fills, it eventually springs a minor leak. This raises the prospect of having to disassemble the entire build and re-do it but instead this hero, this engineer among engineers, faces the problem with a giant can of flex seal: and completely plasters anywhere there could possibly be a leak. It works!

It's also quite nice when the hole he's cut for the fan on top of the toilet bowl just fits perfectly. I dunno what ASMR is, but when I see a well-fitted PC component in an unusual situation, I feel warm and fuzzy inside.

The build can be viewed here, on a page where Mr. Homeless has to provide some additional details:

  • Build Description: Built a PC inside of a functioning toilet
  • Favorite Feature: it flushes poop

I don't know if the PC toilet will be cropping up on our best gaming PC builds, though perhaps the most impressive thing is that this wasn't a horror build story. It's also weirdly aesthetically pleasing, though I may just have been thinking about playing CS: GO on the loo a bit much. Not to everyone's tastes, but at least it doesn't have a toy baby in it.


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Rich Stanton

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