This month's PC Gamer Club Legendary game is Tormentor X Punisher

Every month, PC Gamer Legendary Club members are treated to a new game key in their inboxes. For April, we're sending out a copy of Tormentor X Punisher, a 2018 Independent Games Festival awards finalist which hits us with a brutal pitch: everything dies in one hit, both you and the demon bosses that want your blood. Check out the trailer above!

Existing Legendary members should be receiving keys by email, and new members will also receive codes (an $8 value) before we switch over to our May game offer. This game comes courtesy of retailer, which is currently running a new, well-priced bundle featuring such PC Gamer favourites as Pony Island and Super Cloudbuilt. 

A PC Gamer Club Legendary subscription comes with lots of other benefits, too, including an ad-free site experience, access to alpha and beta tests whenever we have the opportunity to offer them, a digital magazine subscription, and more. Check out everything you get here, and head to to sign up!

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