This Halo-themed Swarovski crystal is worth $2,340

crystal master chief
(Image credit: Swarovski)

Was Swarovski's first foray into the gaming world too understated for your taste? Well you're in luck, the makers of fine crystal are putting out a limited-run set of Halo-inspired pieces. As they so elegantly put it on their website:

"Heroism and wonder collide. Twenty years after the dawn of one of gaming's most iconic franchises, Halo is poised to ignite quests of imagination once again."

promo shot of swarovski halo crossover

(Image credit: Swarovski)

Heady stuff! I found myself involuntarily reaching for my wallet just reading that. The first piece on offer is Master Chief's signature helmet, rendered in gorgeous white crystal with a sumptuous gold-hued visor. Any paltry words I could offer pale in comparison to Swarovski's own poetry:

"Following themes of fearless exploration, heroism, and untethered imagination, this Master Chief Helmet figurine is a tangible reminder to work towards your every goal."

crystal energy sword

(Image credit: Swarovski)

But that's not all! The set also comes with the Covenant's iconic energy sword. Swarovski claims you will "embody the hero for every adventure to come with the power of the Energy Sword in crystal form." I suppose "get shot to death by somebody backpedaling from you with the Battle Rifle" doesn't quite sell the fantasy.

A run of 20 will be made available as part of a charity campaign for Gamers Outreach running from December 9 through December 13. You can either enter online for a meagre $10, or even enter for free by mailing your contact info and address to the StockX campaign. It has never been cheaper to simulate the feeling of being a high net-worth individual.

All I know is if I got my hands on these bad boys, I'd take one of those big Halo 2 Master Chief action figures from 2004, pop off his head, and make him the Crystal Chief. 

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