This GTA 5 physics-defying BMX stunt montage is incredible

I love Grand Theft Auto 5's enduring performance culture, and have written about it on several occasions in the past. The game's stunt scene never fails to impress me, and the latest montage from the Evolve Stunting crew is wonderful.

Whereas you and I might drive, cycle or fly around GTA 5's Los Santos cityscape and see buildings, billboards and bridges—the game's most adventurous stuntmen and women see props for their latest productions. 

Evolve is one of the most prolific crews out there, and the following video—named Overdue— portrays some jaw-dropping feats.

Sure, some of those set pieces take advantage of GTA 5's ridiculous physics mechanics, but I challenge any naysayers to replicate any of what's featured there. The amount of time, effort, and, crucially, failure that's required to master each stunt deserves credit, and the final outcome is a joy to behold. 

Of the above, my favourites are Wiizo's stunt at around the 1.00 minute mark, and Robmom's at around 3.50. Share your own picks in the comments below. 

Big thanks to Ash Sky Queen for the head's up.