This Grand Theft Auto 5 stunting montage is incredible

Although late to the party, Grand Theft Auto 5 launched on PC with the game's Rockstar Editor in tow. A thriving performance culture has since flourished, whereby hobbyist entertainers have crafted television shows, short films and documentaries that have been watched by hundreds, thousands and even millions of viewers in turn. 

One group which has grown significantly in light of the Rockstar Editor is the GTA stunt scene, which, while stretching back as far as 2001's GTA 3, has come into its own over the course of the fifth main series entry's tenure. I've written about my enthusiasm for the GTA 5 stunt scene on a couple of occasions in the past, however the latest Evolve Stunting montage has bowled me over. 

Edited in three parts by team stunters Teeqy, Rzed and Penguin respectively, the following video includes death-defying BMX grinds, unlikely fighter jet and sports car mid-air combos, and a fair wad of jaw-dropping motorbike tricks—all of which toy with the game's impossible free falling physics.

I mean, how stunter XCudzy manages just about any of that around the 2.23 mark is completely beyond me. Just, wow.  

Big thanks to prolific stunter Ash Skyqueen for alerting me to this one.