GTA 5's most ridiculous stunt showcased in 'History of Liquor Hole Legend' video

Stunting in Grand Theft Auto 5 is a hobbyist scene which has interested me for some time, and as such has seen me watch countless montage videos, dedicated challenges, and Rockstar Editor clips over the past couple of years. In that time, one of the best performers I've come across is Ash Sky Queen—a top stunter whose skydives are nothing short of spectacular. 

One stunt of hers which is particularly impressive is the Liquor Hole Legend, of which Ash has now created a 'history of' video, highlighting the key stages of the move as it's known today. 

This includes the original 2014 stunt which sees Ash leap from a helicopter and ultimately fit through the letter 'O' of the Liquor Hole sign at speed. In 2015, Ash is seen completing the stunt from the view of YouTube person Lady Miss 80s, who is stationed on the ground in front of the in-game store. And by 2017 Ash is just plain showing off as she successfully completes the stunt first by way of a Rocket Voltic car, and then backwards by motorbike. 

I mean, just, wow. 

Having chatted with Ash in the past, I know that—as you may imagine—the above is the result of weeks and often months of practice, of hundreds if not thousands of deaths, and of astonishing levels of perseverance. The end product, however, speaks for itself.   

For more of Ash Sky Queen's GTA 5 stunt work, you may like to check out her best of 2016 montage too: