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This gaming monitor literally stopped a stray bullet (and still works)

Image via Eric Gan.

Image via Eric Gan.

You wouldn't think of a gaming monitor as being able to withstand an incoming bullet, but that unlikely scenario was put to the test when a stray bullet struck the back of an MSI gaming monitor recently, according to PC gamer Eric Gan.

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Gan said a total of five shots were fired into his and his friend's rooms, apparently fired by a stranger who was "partying behind the street." Thankfully no one was hurt by the stray gunfire, including Gan. The shots came in around 4 AM and he wasn't sitting at his PC at the time—but if he was, the monitor, an MSI Optix G27C2, might have saved his life. Remarkably, aside from a slight divot on the back, the monitor seems relatively unscathed and still functions perfectly. 

Of course, the bullet had already lost a significant amount of kinetic energy from penetrating through the wall before hitting the monitor. Had that not been the case, we expect the monitor would be in much worse shape. Either way, we're glad that Gan and his neighbors were unharmed in the incident.