This game lets you build, paint, and customise your own anime mech

(Image credit: Vermillion Digital)

If you've ever fantasised about creating your own anime battle suit, Vermillion Digital's M.A.S.S. Builder—which is currently available on Steam Early Access—lets you do just that, then take your creation into battle.

The game features a huge selection of clearly Gundam-inspired parts that you can then plug together, paint, and slap with decals. And you have an impressive level of control over your design, even down to the length of your mech's limbs and the colour of its cool glowing robot eye.

(Image credit: Vermillion Digital)

You can also tweak your mech's internals, upgrading them to make it more effective on the battlefield. The customisation is impressively deep, and should only get deeper as more parts are added.

I played some of the demo today—which you can find on Steam—and while I found the combat a little too fast-paced and arcade-like for my tastes (I prefer slow, clunky mechs), I did love the customisation, and spent far too long building a PC Gamer battle suit—in black and red, of course.

Then I looked at Twitter, where people have been posting their own creations, and realised mine was rubbish. So here are some much better ones created by the growing M.A.S.S. Builder community.

(Image credit: Vermillion Digital / Blindfoldedchaos)

(Image credit: Vermillion Digital / Larsh_01)

(Image credit: Vermillion Digital / Brandon Potter)

(Image credit: Vermillion Digital / Galaxia Photo)

(Image credit: Vermillion Digital / MrWho25)

(Image credit: Vermillion Digital / Junkmech)

(Image credit: Vermillion Digital / Gear_Project)

(Image credit: Vermillion Digital / Guine0510)

(Image credit: Vermillion Digital / YatagarasuYIGD)
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