This game is like Splatoon but you're a naked man who throws soup

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Here's a multiplayer deathmatch game where you play a customizable naked man and run around hurling spoonfuls of ramen to defeat your opponents. It's called Rawmen, a game by indie studio Animal that will be releasing on Steam Early Access sometime this year. It's like Splatoon but with lots more noodles, some of which are even edible.

I feel like I don't need to communicate the appeal here. Just watch the trailer. Like Splatoon, Rawmen supports multiplayer with two to eight players who can wield a variety of food-weaponry in addition to powerups that are found around the map. Unlike Splatoon, though, it doesn't appear that it matters how much of the map you cover in your broth (that's not a euphemism) but the similarities are undeniable. The way the map is slowly coated in soup, the wide variety of movement options (you can even surf on your soup), and the cartoony graphics all evoke Nintendo's beloved shooter albeit with a cruder twist. Case in point: It looks like you can fart to boost yourself up to otherwise unreachable areas.

Like Genital Jousting and Mount Your Friends, Rawmen looks like a wild, hilarious game to bust out at parties. Maybe I'm just a child, but I love how silly it all looks—the rag doll effects are especially funny.

If you want to learn more about Rawmen (opens in new tab), check out its Steam page or website (opens in new tab). It's slated to release sometime in 2019.

Steven Messner

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