This expansion set for Fallout: The Board Game is half off today

Fallout: The Board Game is both a pitch-perfect translation of the RPG adventure and one of the best board games around, in case you're looking for a break from Catan or Pandemic. If you've already found this out and want to spice things up, there is a New California expansion for Fallout that is half off today.

GameStop is selling the Fallout Board Game expansion for $19.99. That is an online only price, so you can't waltz into your local GameStop and nab it for that.

Fall Board Game Expansion: New California | $19.99 (save $19.98)

Fall Board Game Expansion: New California | $19.99 (save $19.98)
New California adds two new scenarios to the base came, including a cooperative scenario that allows survivors to work together. It also features new survivors map tiles, and more. Buy at GameStop

We found Fallout: The Board Game to be well designed and plenty of fun to play. The New California expansion breathes new life into the game by adding new scenarios, five new survivors, additional map tiles, more loot cards, and a new co-op mode. We haven't played the expansion ourselves, but it's scored high marks from users who took the time to leave a comment.

The base game is required for the expansion. Amazon has the base game on sale for $47.96 (down from $59.95).

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