This CPU liquid cooler has an extra fan to cool your M.2 SSD and RAM too

InWin BR36 All-In-One Liquid Cooler
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All-in-one CPU coolers come in many different designs and sizes, the most common being between 120mm and 360mm. Some use 120mm fans while others employ larger 140mm fans, they have varying cable lengths, and some use RGB lighting while others don't. What they almost all have in common, however, is a singular goal: to cool your CPU. InWin's newest BR series AIO coolers are primarily focused on that objective as well, but are also cleverly designed to actively cool your motherboard, RAM, and even your M.2 SSD in one fell swoop.

It aims to achieve this with an extra fan on the water block. At first glance, I thought this was to keep the built-in pump cool, or to bring an added chill to the block and, by extension, the CPU that sits underneath it. I was wrong.

"The fan on the water block is designed to efficiently pull in air to create a rapid airflow towards the UMA (upper motherboard area), getting extra thermal performance for the VRM, memory, and M.2 SSDs," InWin explains.

InWin claims its own internal testing showed a greater than 20°C reduction in VRM (voltage regulator module) temps with the block fan running versus no block fan. The point of a VRM is to convert 12-volt power from your PC's power supply unit into the appropriate voltage for your CPU, and to deliver it cleanly. A robust VRM setup can help with overclocking.

Beyond the VRM, InWin says its block fan reduces RAM temps by around 24°C, and M.2 SSD temps by 33°C. The latter is especially intriguing, because a cooler running SSD (and specifically, the SSD's controller chip) can stave off performance throttling that occurs as it heats up.

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We have not tested any of the BR series coolers to see if our own results match or come within striking distance of InWin's testing. So all I can say for now is that those are bold claims.

InWin is offering two models, the BR24 (240mm radiator) and BR36 (360mm radiator). Both come bundled with InWin's Luna AL120 ARGB high-static pressure fans, and a specially designed pump that is intended to minimize vibration and noise.

The coolers work with all modern sockets from AMD and Intel, and are backed by a three-year warranty. Preorders will open on June 7 in Europe. Pricing sits at €130 for the BR36 and €110 for the BR24, with both estimated to ship between June 17-30. There's no word yet on when these will be available in the US and other territories.

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