This cozy farm sim lets you raise dozens of adorable animals and then become one

There's another cozy farm sim just about to hatch and this one has a little extra magic. Everdream Valley has just announced its May 30 release date with a new trailer showing off its crops, livestock, critters, and cooking. That all sounds like standard farm sim fare, but there's a twist: when you go to sleep you'll transform into an animal yourself.

In Everdream Valley you'll decorate and design your grandparents' homestead, plant crops, catch bugs, fish, and take care of a lot of livestock. There are pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, goats, alpacas, horses, sheep, beavers, deer, frogs, fish, 13 breeds of dog, and more. And they're all an extremely chunky kind of cute. If pixel art farm sims aren't your jam, or if you just have a lot of nostalgia for Harvest Moon's rotund cattle, this is one to try.

(Image credit: Mooneaters)

At night, things get wild. "Each night your dreams will let you take the role of one of many animals around the farm through unique mini games," developer Mooneaters says. "The more animal variety on the farm, the more night-time adventures unlock and each has its own unique reward or impact on your farm the next morning."

Everdream Valley has a demo available on Steam so you can try it out right now ahead of launch next week. It will also be available on the Epic Games Store and GOG.

Lauren Morton
Associate Editor

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