This cotton candy-making PC is the sweetest case mod

Once upon a time, if you wanted to play PC games and eat cotton candy, you needed two very separate things: a gaming PC and a traveling carnival conveniently passing through town. I guess there are other places you can get cotton candy, but that’s the one I know best. So most of us have gone through life never being able to enjoy these two pleasures at the same time. Leave it to Computex, the best show of the year for elaborate and creative case mods, to come up with the solution: a cotton candy maker PC.

The showpiece rig at MSI’s Computex 2016 booth is a cotton candy cart with a PC attached to it. It’s a pretty good looking open air system, too, but I was mostly paying attention to the cotton candy it was whipping up. Maybe it’s not quite as impressive as In-Win’s transforming H-Tower showpiece case from last year, but this one produces cotton candy, so I know which I’d rather have in my house. 

I forgot to ask if it can run Crysis, but judging by the size of the graphics card and the custom liquid cooling loop, I think it can manage. It can definitely give you cavities.

We’ve seen a ton of other great case mods at the show already. Last year we put together a gallery of the 40 best custom rigs from Computex 2015, and we should have plenty more photos to show off at the end of the week.

Wes Fenlon
Senior Editor

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