This burly uninterruptible power supply from CyberPower is on sale for $120

It can be pretty jarring when the power goes out and your PC turns off abruptly. That's not good for your system, and it really stinks if you lose something you've been working on and haven't yet saved. An uninterruptible power supply keeps your PC mostly immune from such things, and you can grab a burly on one sale today at B&H Photo.

The online retailer is selling CyberPower 1500VA (900W) UPS for $120 after clicking on the listing's $65 clip coupon. That's a decent price for one of the bigger consumer UPSes on the market.

One thing to keep in mind is that this model (BRG1500AVRLCD) is different from our top pick in the UPS category. That model (CP1500PFCLCD) offers true sine-wave output, where this does not—it offers simulated sine-wave, which is a sine-wave that approximates what you get out of your wall outlet. Some electronics are sensitive to simulated sine-wave and might act wonky, which is one reason why pure sine-wave is preferable. However, pure sine-wave UPSes usually carry a premium.

While this one lacks that feature, it offers a lot of backup power for the price. It also has automatic voltage regulation (AVR), 12 outlets at your disposal, two USB charging ports, and a multifunction LCD panel.

You can find the UPS on sale here.

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