This 80 Plus Gold PSU for $110 is one of the best bargains for an 850W model

This 80 Plus Gold PSU for $110 is one of the best bargains for an 850W model
You can power even the most power hungry graphics cards with this PSU. (Image credit: Super Flower)

The latest generation graphics cards are incrediblyscarce, but at least power supply units are plentiful. That includes high wattage models that can handle even the burliest GPUs, like the GeForce RTX 3090. Super Flower's Legion GX Gold Pro 850W is one of them, and it's also on sale.

It's marked down to $109.99 at Newegg right now, which is not a ginormous discount by any stretch—just $20—but it was already one of the most reasonably priced, name-brand 850W models with 80 Plus Gold certification on the market. So while the discount is modest, it stacks on top of an existing bargain in its own right.

Super Flower Legion GX Gold Pro 850W | 80 Plus Gold |$129.99$109.99 at Newegg
High Wattage at a ...

Super Flower Legion GX Gold Pro 850W | 80 Plus Gold | $129.99 $109.99 at Newegg
There is a lot of wattage on this PSU, with 80 Plus Gold certification and flat ribbon cabling to boot. It's a high quality unit with a modest price tag, and enough juice to feed the best graphics cards on the market.

I found this deal when researching a deal for a recertified EVGA 850 GQ PSU that's currently available for $99.99. EVGA calls it a 'B-stock' item, noting it "may have small scratches, small dents, or noticeable use."  That's an excellent price for a quality 850W PSU, but in looking up how much of a savings it would be over new units with longer warranties, I found this Super Flower model.

It has a 5-year warranty, versus only 1-year for EVGA's refurbished unit, for just $10 more with this deal. That makes it an easy decision. As to the Super Flower brand, our friends at Tom's Hardware covered the company's entry into the North America market last year under its own label, calling it "one of the best PSU OEMs nowadays."  And speaking of EVGA, Super Flower built every well-regarded EVGA PSU within the company's G2, G3, P2, and T2 families.

The Legion GX Gold Pro model that is on sale here is a semi-modular unit, meaning some of the more important cables are permanently attached while several others are not. It also employs flexible, flat ribbon cabling to aid with cable management.

If you're dreaming of a day when you can actually buy a high-end graphics card, you can at least prepare your PC for when that day comes with this 850W PSU.

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