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This 32GB kit of fast DDR4-3600 RAM is on sale for $145

This 32GB kit of fast DDR4-3600 RAM is on sale for $145
(Image credit: G.Skill)

RAM speed matters for gaming, and AMD systems can particularly benefit from faster memory. There's no need to choose between capacity and speed, either, because this deal on a 32GB DDR4-3600 memory kit gives you both. 

It's a set of G.Skill Ripjaws V series sticks, and it's currently on sale at Newegg for $145. That's not a gigantic saving, but you won't find the same combination of speed, latency, and capacity for the same price. OLOy has a couple of 32GB DDR4-3600 kits at similar prices, but with looser timings.

G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 32G

G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 32GB DDR4-3600 | 16-19-19-39 | $144.99 (save ~$18)
This memory kit offers plenty of capacity and speed for gaming, and just about anything else.

To be fair, memory timings don't matter a whole lot outside of synthetic benchmarks. But with pricing being nearly the same, I'd opt for the faster timings and G.Skill brand (a stalwart in the overclocking community) 11 times out of 10.

Speaking of which, the timings on this kit check in at 16-19-19-39, at 1.35V. Those are really good numbers for a kit of this speed and capacity. If you need to upgrade your RAM, this kit is one of the better buys right now.

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